Coastal 2010 Pricing and Upgraded Order / Pricing Forms

Coastal has revised it’s web order input form to reflect 2010 pricing. Hopefully the order form is easier to use with more natural categories to choose your most needed items from. Existing dealers, please visit the Distributor’s Corner of our website to log in and view the revised order form. If you need your username and password, call a salesman at anytime, the office 8-5 CST, or send an email to one of us. For anyone interested in visiting this area as a potential dealer, please give us a call at 713-972-0505 or send an email to tom@coastalmosquito.com.

Our order and pricing form now includes all of the items we regularly sell and which are listed on our official price list. System choices include 30, 55, 125, and 225 tanks with your choice of master unit controller, manifold, and pump size. This hopefully will save a lot of headache when trying to remember the exact equipment you need. Some nice ideas put into the form also include the ability to choose your preferred shipping method and to note your choice of chemical preference to ship with a new system.


Coastal Mosquito


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