Happy Thanksgiving From Coastal!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, and many many thanks to all of our wonderful partners in business for a successful year. Coastal would like to thank each and every one of our partners; whether they be suppliers, dealers, happy homeowners, consultant, industry advisers, professional association representatives, employees, and in all of the above, we hope, our friends. Coastal’s offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday of this week, but our staff will be, and always are, available on their cell phones 24/7. If needed we can come open the shop and ship out product if you are in a pinch. We will also respond to all emails ( sales@coastalmosquito.com ) or web orders placed at our website ( http://www.coastalmosquito.com ). Coastal remains committed to staying ahead of our competition by making sure our customers can place an order anytime and know Coastal will have 100% of all available systems and replacement parts in stock or otherwise available with same day shipping M-F in most situations. So from all of us at Coastal, have a Happy Thanksgiving! And don’t forget, vanilla ice cream (preferably Blue Bell) is an absolute must to properly enjoy a nice Pecan Pie!


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