Leaking o-rings on Hago / Steinen standard nozzles

We received a phone call from a residential customer today.  She was very sweet and nice, but she complained that only half her system was working and some of the spray heads were spraying out at an angle in a stream.  While we rarely get calls from our end customers, she highlights an issue that from time to time we encounter with our dealers.  The solution is very simple.  The large style Hago / Steinen / Standard nozzle screw into the barrel of a tee fitting with a large oversize thread pattern.  Regardless of how tight a nozzle is screwed in, it will always leak if the o-ring is not properly seated.  Take out the o-ring and the nozzle could possibly leak from the threads even if you torque it, in some cases they will leak even until the nozzle breaks the barrell.  The correct procedure to install a spray nozzle into the barrell by lightly screwing it in by hand until the o-ring makes contact and you can no longer turn it by hand.  Then, using either wrenches or the preferred nozzle tool, turn the nozzle 1/4 turn.  That’s it.  If you wrench it until it feels completely tight, it will destroy the o-ring and it will likely not seat well.  As the systems run at 160 – 200 psi there is not much force required to contain the pressure.


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