Alternate nozzle locations along brick walls

Risers misting along a brick wall

Risers misting along a brick wall

Many of our dealers, and their discerning customers, ask what is the best way to locate nozzles along a brick wall.  The simple solution is to use anchor screws and 1/4″ nylon clamps of affix the tubing to the wall directly.  However, in highly visible locations, or in situations like the picture above where thick ivey cover the wall, it may be best to use risers immedietely in front of the wall and simply trench the tubing under the flowerbeds.  Care must be taken to ensure all tubing is sufficiently buried under the soil to avoid damage from landscapers changing out annuals and seasonal plants.  And wherever the tubing comes back out of the ground the installer should use 1/2 inch protective conduit to at least 6 inches under and 6 inches above the soil line.  For those perfectionists out there, our 1/2 copper riser stock can be used as a nearly indestructable conduit, and give an upscale appearance to the installation.

Please be sure to pressure test each system and check all connections for leaks before and after final burial of the tubing.  Coastal Mosquito’s nylon tubing and composite subterranian fittings offer a lifetime of leak-free performance when properly installed in a workmanlike manner!


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