Periodic Spray cycles – for those with special timer needs

Overview:  In response to our growing customer base in the agricultural, restaurant, and odor control businesses we have upgraded our R1G timer to spray periodically.

Background:  Over the last few years Coastal has attempted to branch out beyond our traditional Pest Control customers.  As we’ve identified new markets and customer types, a number of customers have come to us with special needs.  As all of our customers know, our staff is available almost 24/7 to respond to their needs.  One need inparticular was to have systems capable of firing off at preset intervals, rather than at preset times.

Horse Barns:  More and more agricultural customers, ranging from affluent race horse, quarter horse, and other show quality barns all the way down to feed lots, kennels, and processing facilities were frustrated with the simplicity of the common analog timers and their inability to keep flies at bay during times of increased activity.

Restaurants:  In many locations at certain times of the year flies, honeybees, and mosquitos pose such a nuisance to restaurant guests that patrons are forced to retreat to the inside and not take advantage of the nice months and beautiful weather.  Our digital timers used to only have a 12 run per day capacity.  Our customers desired shorter spray cycles, as short as 5 seconds, with intervals as short at 10 – 15 between.  Restaurant owners did not want the hassle of using the supplied remote control over and over again to combat their pest problems.

Odor control:  Increasing pressure to control odors at industrial facilities adjacent to neighborhoods and businesses has led to many companies being faced with clean up mandates and hefty fines.  Odor control uses significantly more solution than insect misting, with near continuous operation in some cases.  Traditional misting system sleeve bearing motors often lock up with continuous usage and alalog timers cannot activiate often enough to combat the odor issues in many applications.

The Solution:  Coastal Mister has come up with a solution perfect for the needs of these particular clientele.  In addition to our standard programming we have incorporated periodic spraying into our R1G units.   Spray times can be set from 1 to 99 seconds, and spray intervals can be set from 1 to 240 minutes.  This allows from 6 to 1440 spray cycles per day.

Motor Upgrades:  Coastal uses only ball bearing half horsepower motors.  In odor control applications we have a number of systems running 30 seconds off, 30 seconds on, 24 hours a day.  Our controller with their heat sink mounted triax motor switching and dual systems for thermal overload protection keep these motors running well with sufficient startup amperage to keep them running cool.

Our units are easy to program, and include start and stop times that can span midnight.  A patio restaurant operating from 9AM to 2 AM each day can simply set the hours of operation, the duration, and interval and step away from the system.

Further, by using integrated check valves in the pump and the blowback, coupled with pressure holding non-drip spray nozzles, all Coastal system start up without hesitation…even for large systems.

Feel free to give us a call at 713-972-0505 and let us discuss the options best suited for your spray needs.


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